Janani Suraksha
August 2, 2018
Mission Swacch Bharat Accomplished!
August 2, 2018


Aayub Khan is a truck driver. He has two sons and three daughters. He belonged to below Poverty Line. Aayub is the breadwinner in his family. Unfortunately, he met with an accident due to which he fractured his hand. The hand needs to be operated but for that lot of money was required. So, he got to know about Bhamashah Yojna under which he will be able to get free health service but the condition is that his ration card should be valid. Aayub’ ration card was not valid; therefore he got tensed about his hand and the surgery.

Ayub Khan got to know about the Soochna Seva center and the work it does. He sends his daughter to the center with the ration card. There his daughter met soochnapreneur Gurudev Singh. She told everything about her father’s condition to the soochnapreneur. Gurudev understood her problem and filled the form under Food security and submitted it at the DSO’s office. Within few days, his ration card became valid under which started receiving ration and also received Rs.30, 000 for his surgery. Ayub Khan was really happy that he was able to get so many benefits with the help of the Soochnapreneur.

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