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August 14, 2018
Old Age Pension
January 4, 2019

Bhura’s Pension

Bhura Bhil lives in Bamori village of Guna. He is a very poor man who the only source of income is old age pension which he receives from the government but from the past few months, he was not receiving his pension. He was really worried as his only source of survival was the pension he used to receive.

One day, Bhura bhil met Soochnapreneur Vishal Ojha during his field visit. Bhura told him about his pension problem to the soochnapreneur. Without any delay, soochnapreneur met the Panchayat secretary and investigated regarding Bhura’s pension. It was found that his documents were not updated. Therefore, Vishal submitted Bhura’s documents again to the Panchayat secretary and in no time Bhura Bhil started receiving his pension again.

He was thankful to the Soocnhapreneur Vishal Ojha for his service.

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