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August 14, 2018
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Capacity Building Training

SoochnaPreneur Training & Skill Development Workshop Report- Barabanki

Venue- Baank-e-loom, Saidanpur                                                                              Date -14th April 2018

Day- 1


On 14th April 2018, Digital Empowerment Foundation took the initiative with the collaboration of QUALCOMM to start its SoochnaPreneur program in Barabanki District of Uttar Pradesh. “SoochnaPreneur” took one more step towards launching and hosting the program.  In the morning at 10 am the SPs started gathering and our team members started the registration of the participants.

At 11 am, Utkarsh Rajawat of Baank-e-loom with Saurabh Srivastava and other team members were welcomed & invited to join the panel with our honorable chief guest Sir Osama Manzar, Founder & Director of Digital Empowerment Foundation, Guest of Honor Jyotsana Habibullah Founder of Mango festival, Amar Habibullah, Rajesh Kumar Verma, Gram Pradhan of Saidanpur & Mr. Rahul who runs an NGO called Swatantra Taleem in Ramdwari village of Sitapur District. Team also welcomed all the attendees of the event including 25 selected dynamic women SoochnaPreneurs from 25 panchayats of 4 different blocks of Barabanki. All the Dignitaries were felicitated with bouquets given by Zoha & Noori. Dignitaries of the event handed over 25 tablet & printers to all the selected SoochnaPreneurs of the district. These women will provide access to public schemes entitlements and grievance redress to last mile rural community using MeraApp & online platforms.

Chief Guest of the Event Mr. Osama Manzar, Founder & Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation introduced the SoochnaPreneur Program to all the attendees. He also mentioned the name of the Qualcomm Wireless reach who is supporting us in this program. All the words delivered by Osama Sir brought a positive sign, excitement &energy on the faces of all women participants.
Then it was Jyotsana Kaur Habibullah who enlightened us with her words and praised the efforts of Digital Empowerment Foundation working towards the welfare of society. On the completion of Mrs. Habibulla’s speech, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Verma, Sarpanch of Saidanpur carried forward the event by addressing the audience; he encouraged women and thanked them for showing their interest in doing this kind of social welfare work. Mr. Verma mentioned in his speech that he knows about Def & its initiatives which are going to the village. Few more dignitaries who were sharing panel put their thoughts among the participants and praised all the efforts and initiatives Digital Empowerment Foundation is taking for the community.

The aim behind organizing this capacity building training and launch of the program was to build the entrepreneurial capacity of 25 rural women with the help of technology. Digital Empowerment Foundation was empowering & supporting all these Women of Barabanki with the support of Qualcomm Wireless reach Project. All the women are equipped with tablet and printer for endowing accessible information access and delivery of public welfare schemes and services.

To run this project smoothly and to reach out to a substantial number of rural people, a woman has been selected from one Panchayat for easy access to the services for community members. Teammates of SoochnaPreneur Program provided training for operating the tablet and printer to all the SPs. Trainers also told them how to operate service delivery based Android Application called MeraApp including availing e-Governance services, Mobile and uses of the computer also.
After the speeches of the dignitary’s, our selected SoochnaPreneurs came one by one on the stage and shared what they had in their mind regarding working in this Program. Most of them were very clear on what they will have to deliver for the society by using components provided by Digital Empowerment Foundation. Their interest in this program seemed amazing and surprising to us.

Day- 2
(15th April 2018)
Mera App training-

All the selected Women got their Mera App ID along with Passwords and logged in by applying the same. Then they all were told that how to register beneficiaries in Mera App (An Android-based mobile Application) and also how to register the form in Mera App. Our Team Mate Saurabh Srivastav & Pankaj told all the women about the uses of Mera App like how to add Revenue, how to see new registered Govt. Schemes then how to link Scheme with the beneficiary, syncing data of the beneficiary and adding revenue. These were the most important parts of the whole training session. To understand how much our candidate learned, a team given each of them a task to register 5 beneficiaries on their own. Most of the participants completed the task successfully.

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