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August 2, 2018
Soochna seva and Soochnapreneur Training
August 14, 2018

E-Sakhi Training Report

Purpose: Training of 21 women soochnapreneurs for the E-Sakhi program

Date: The training was conducted for four days i.e. from 18 July 2018 to 21 July 2018

Venue: The training was conducted in 3 blocks of Rajasthan

  1. Ramgarh
  2. Laxmangarh
  • Umrain

These centers are also known as “Gyan Kendras” as they are IT centers situated in these blocks. All the women soochnapreneurs went to these centers to take the E-Sakhi training.

Number of participants in the training:  Total 21 trainees attended the E-sakhi training from the different centers of Alwar.

The names of the participants are as follows:

  • Ombati from the Choma center
  • Manju from the Naogawa center
  • Manju from the Khedi center
  • Madhu from Chidwa center
  • Radha from Dabri center
  • Nikki from Gugdod center
  • Nirmala from Kaimala center
  • Poonam from Batsera center
  • Poonam from Untwal center
  • Poonam Nagar from Alwar center
  • Sushila from Piproli center
  • Jyoti from Balvandka center
  • Minu from Madanpuri center
  • Anuja from Dehra center
  • Sushila from Jadohli center
  • Sapna from Nangli Jamavat center
  • Sheetal from the Butoli center
  • Geeta from the Rasvawa center
  • Nafisa from the Sadoli center
  • Rajkumari from the Nangal Heera center
  • Bassi from the Munpur center

Activities that were undertaken:

  • The four-day training of E-Sakhi covered different areas so that diverse information can be imparted to them.
  • Firstly, all the women soochnapreneurs did their registration for the workshop and then attended the training.
  • Secondly, the facilitators briefed the women soochnapreneurs about the E-Sakhi. This part of the training covered the main objectives of the E-Sakhi They were also informed about the objective of conducting this training with them.
  • Thirdly, the facilitators started the workshop by giving them training on how to create G-mail ID and SSO Id.
  • Then they educate them on different schemes like Pension schemes, Bhamashah scheme, and food security and also taught them how to apply for PAN card online.
  • In the next session, the women soochnapreneurs were made familiar about the Apps started by the Rajasthan government for the welfare of the people. They focused on two major apps i.e. Rajasthan Sampark app and Mahila Suraksha app.
  • At last, the facilitators informed them about the number through which they can register their complaint regarding any issues. The number started by the Rajasthan government is 181.


The training came to an end by felicitating the soochnapreneurs who have performed well in the training. At the end of the training, the women soochnapreneurs were filled with more enthusiasm and energy to work for the welfare of their communities.

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