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January 4, 2019
Rajshree Yojana!
February 22, 2019

Food Rights!

Sundar lives in Untval village with her family. She was not getting ration from the past 2 years. She went everywhere, from the Panchayat to Secretary’s office but was in vain. Each one of them gave different solutions to her. She was tired of pleading and lost all her hope.

One day, she attended a group meeting organized by Poonam (soochnapreneur). Poonam was informing them about Public Distribution System (PDS). After the meeting, Sundar narrated her problem to the soochnapreneur. Then with the help of Sundar’s ration number, Poonam found out that her name was already registered and she was eligible to get the ration. Soochnapreneur Poonam took all her documents and went to DSO’s office without delaying. She explained everything

Every month Sundar goes to get her ration and this was possible because of the soochnaprenur who helped in getting her rights back.

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