Another Ujjwala!
August 2, 2018
Right to Education
August 2, 2018

Hope Regained!

Kasumal Bai Pal lives with her two sons and their family in Dungasara village of Guna (Madhya Pradesh). Her husband died long back ago. As she is 66 years old, she used to get old age pension but from past 3 years, she did not receive a single penny and due to increasing old age Kasumal Bai did not bother to investigate about the matter but was hopeful that someday she will start receiving the pension again.

One day, Soochnapreneur Asha Sharma during a survey met Kasumal Bai at her home. She asked Kasumal Bai about the scheme she wanted to apply for. Kasumal Bai replied that she wanted to apply for Old age pension scheme. She also told everything to the soochnapreneur. Asha Sharma asked Kasumal Bai to visit the center with the required documents. Next day, Asha Sharma filled the form of pension and attached all the necessary documents provided by Kasumal Bai and submitted it at the secretary’s office in Dungasara. After a certain period of time, Kasumal Bai started receiving her pension again. She was very thankful to the soochnapreneur Asha Sharma for the help.

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