The Right support
June 19, 2020
The quick fix..
June 19, 2020

In a matter of days

Arti lives in alwar district of Rajasthan, She has a daughter, who is 18 months old. I have applied a form of “Rajshree Yojna” on the occasion of birth of my daughter.

She had to receive second installment amount when the daughter was 12 months old, but unfortunately she did not receive any amount on that account, thereafter, she came to know about the Soochna Seva centre of her village, where she meet Soochnapreneur Nirmala Ji and narrated the whole scenario to her. Nirmala Ji verified all her documents described that she needs to apply for a birth certificate.

She took photocopy of my UID Card with two photographs and applied for birth certificate of her daughter, after few weeks later Arti got to receive the birth certificate of her daughter, thereafter, after few weeks she recived the second installment in her account.

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