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June 5, 2018
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August 2, 2018

Madhu’s Story

Madhu Roba lives in a village named Anantpur in Itki, Ranchi. She is 28 years old who lives with her mother as her father expired 4 years ago. Her mother is also very old and remains ill most of the times. She is the only earning person in her family who looks after her mother. Therefore, she works as a daily wage to earn her living. Every day she has to face hardships to earn a penny. Madhu tried to apply for the government schemes but was in vain as she neither had caste certificate, income certificate nor PAN card. Thus, at times she felt very helpless.

One day, Madhu got to know about the Soochna seva center and the soochnapreneur. She visited the center and told Tausif, the soochnapreneur about the problems. Soochnapreneur Tausif Alam filled the forms for the income and caste certificate and PAN card and applied it online. In a period of one month, Madhu received all the three documents. She was very happy and thankful to the soochnapreneur because now she will be eligible to apply for the government schemes and will be able to avail all the benefits.

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