Mission Swacch Bharat Accomplished!
August 2, 2018
A secured future
August 2, 2018

Odisha’s Dutiya Meher

Problem:  Dutiya Meher resides in Bargarh district of Odisha. He is 78 years old due to which he was unable to go out for open defecation but as there was no toilet at his house, therefore, it used to act as a constraint for him. His financial conditions were also bad due to which he was unable to afford to construct a toilet.

Solution: One day, he visited the Soochna seva center of Baramunda for a photocopy. There he met Soochnapreneur Sadanand. Dutiya narrated his problems regarding the toilet construction. Sadanand understood his problem and helped him to fill out the application form for toilet construction. He also submitted the form to the Panchayat Samiti. In no time, sarpanch approved his application and send it further to the junior engineer in Barpali. Junior engineer sanctioned a letter to start the construction work of the toilet.

Dutiya meter is very happy that he will start constructing the toilet of his own and is thankful to the Soochnapreneur Sadanand for making this possible.

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