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August 2, 2018
Able to Disable
August 2, 2018

Pension Granted!

Anarul Khan lives in a small village of Lauriya block named Telpur. He lives with her wife and has three children (two daughters and one son) who are married. He lives with his son. They are very poor and belong to Below Poverty line (BPL). One of the major sources of their income is the pension he and his wife gets from the government but from the last 6 months, they were very worried as they were not receiving their pension. He and his wife pleaded the Sarpanch many times but nobody listened to them.

One day, Soochnapreneur Shakil Ahmed was on field mobilizing the people regarding the schemes and was also doing their registration. There, both Anarul and his wife met him. They narrated their problem to him. In no time, Shakil started investigating about the matter and after few days he came to know that due to the absence of their necessary documents (PAN card, Adhaar card, Bank passbook) with the concerned official, their pension got rejected. Shakil without any delay took them to Block development office and again filled the form for their pension and attached the required necessary documents with it.

After few days, they got a message from the Sarpanch that within 10 days, they will start receiving their pension again and after 10 days when they checked their bank account, they felt elated as both Anarul and his wife received a pension of Rs.3500 each. They were really thankful to the Soochnapreneur Shakil Ahmed that because of him, a major problem in their lives got solved.

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