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June 19, 2020
Community received Benefits
June 20, 2020

Raisan got happiness

My name is Raisan, and I belong to a small village of Alwar, Rajasthan. In the beginning of April, during the time of lockdown I went to another village to withdraw some money, I made my transaction via a BC, I immediately came to know that my money got deducted from my account.  The man sent me back saying that your money will be returned in 3 days and it did not happen. After that I got information from someone that in my village a woman named Poonam also works to withdraw money.  So I came to Poonam and I got my account  balance checked, soon after she tells me that there was ₹ 669 in total in my account, which I had checked with the man, he told me 4669. That means 4000 was been deducted by the guy.  To know this idea correctly, I came and showed the message to Poonam, she also found the money was been deducted in the message.

She also called him on his cell and asks him to return the money. Responding to this, he said that the money will be returned, so he asked me to wait for 7 days.  7 days turned to 10, then 10 to days 15 days and now 20 days. When I went to him again, he flatly refused to return my money. I did not even know about how to file a complaint against him.

Poonam also helped me in this matter. Poonam said that bring me the ID of the transaction that has failed, then I brought Poonam the ID, Poonam called Bank of India and lodged a complaint there. The complaint was registered at 11:00 am and at 12:00 my money was returned to my account. And I again ran from home and came back to Poonam and got money out of Poonam ₹ 4000 and now I am very happy, I did not have a single penny to bring the goods and now I got ₹ 4000. I thank Poonam very much to help me out.

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