February 22, 2019
Step In the Right Direction
June 19, 2020

The Right Pillar

Sunita married two years back and lived in Hesatu village with her husband, who is a farmer by profession, but occasionally, he use to work as a labor for their livelihood. She has not any children; hence, sometimes she works in the field with her husband as a helping hand.

Previously, during camp in her village, she came to us and said we are very poor and badly in need of few assistance through Government beneficial schemes. We told her to apply in few schemes, which is suitable to both husband and wife.  She applied in three schemes one by one during few months time. After some times, she got Kulli-kit through Labor Department for her husband, which is quite helpful during her husband’s working hour and produce lot of safety and support to him.

Thereafter, few moths she got Toilet through “Swachh Bhart Abhiyan” and just after few moths time, she finally got benefits of  “Awas Yojna”.  At present she is very happy and thankful to our organization and support provided by us.

People, who are residing in the rural areas always in need of a separate toilet to maintain manner and it also makes  environment healthy, on the other hand muddy houses are not safe from any angle and if poor people got houses through Awas Yojna it’s like dream come true for them.

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