Collective Resolve
June 20, 2020
Meeting Hope
June 20, 2020

The Right Support

Magdali Minz lives lonely in her house because all the family members are settled in other district. Previously, she use to work in the field and earn wages to run her livelihood, but as she became older and weaker she was unable to work for whole day. One day one of the SoochnaPreneur member met her in her house and asked about her family background, to which she narrated her story of living without any support, The SoochnaPreneur verified her documents and then opened her account in the nearby Bank and filled form for Old age Pension and also applied for Ration Card, in order to take full advantage provided by Government to the poor people.

After one and half year her pension was started and she got lot of assistance in her life, now she is regularly taking benefit of both the schemes and living easy life.

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